Welcome to RICTAT – The Leading Colon Hydrotherapy Association

 Welcome to the Registered International Colon Hydrotherapy Association of Therapists (RICTAT) – your premier destination for everything related to colon hydrotherapy. At RICTAT, we are committed to promoting excellence, safety, and professionalism within the field of colon hydrotherapy. Our association represents the most knowledgeable and experienced practitioners across the globe, with a special focus on those practising in the United Kingdom.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to ensure the highest standards of care in colon hydrotherapy. We do this by providing our members with continuous education, up-to-date research, and best practice guidelines. RICTAT is dedicated to advancing the field of colon hydrotherapy, enhancing the skills of our therapists, and ensuring that clients receive safe and effective treatments.

Why Choose a RICTAT Certified Therapist?

When you choose a therapist registered with RICTAT for your colon hydrotherapy treatment, you are choosing quality, professionalism, and peace of mind. Our certified therapists have undergone rigorous training and adhere to strict professional standards, ensuring they deliver the safest and most effective treatment possible.

Benefits of RICTAT Membership

  • Professional Recognition: Being part of an esteemed organisation that is widely recognised within the healthcare community.
  • Continuous Education: Access to the latest research, training, and developments in the field of colon hydrotherapy.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with other professionals, share knowledge, and support each other in professional growth.
  • Client Confidence: Your membership reassures clients of your commitment to high standards, encouraging their trust and confidence in your services.

Our Services

  • Education & Training: We offer comprehensive training programmes and workshops designed to elevate the expertise of our therapists in colon hydrotherapy.
  • Research & Development: RICTAT is at the forefront of research in colon hydrotherapy, constantly exploring new methods and technologies to improve therapy outcomes.
  • Public Awareness: We aim to raise public awareness about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and promote the importance of choosing certified therapists for their treatments.
  • Support & Guidance: Our members receive unparalleled support, from professional advice and guidance to resources that help them grow their practices.

Join Us

Whether you’re a practicing colon hydrotherapist looking to enhance your professional standing or someone interested in the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, RICTAT welcomes you. By joining our association, you become part of a community dedicated to promoting health and well-being through colon hydrotherapy.

Contact Us

For more information about RICTAT, our membership, or finding a certified colon hydrotherapist near you, please get in touch.

If you say that, just as an individual experience of a massage reflects how well people look after their muscles and posture, an individual experience of colon hydrotherapy reflects how well people look after their digestive system, you will also be right, because you will answer the question on how colon hydrotherapy can play a part in people’s health awareness.

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