Colon Hydrotherapy Training Nigeria


This page provides an overview of the things to consider if you are thinking about applying to train as a colon hydrotherapist and what you can expect during your training with RICTAT. We’d very much encourage you to join this wonderful modality. Our training meets skills for health and national occupational standards and we have been training successfully for over fifteen years with prominent alumni who have gone on to work in the media as well as develop numerous clinic chains. Students also receive ongoing support after training in business set-up if required.

Before you begin your practical training there are some course prerequisites, we have several access routes.

Firstly you will hold a recognised certificate in Anatomy and Physiology Academic NQF Level 4 or Level 5 (eg A Level or higher) or are, or have been, a Doctor, Nurse, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Naturopath etc. If you have completed a recognised certificate in Anatomy and Physiology Academic NQF Level 4 or 5, we will ask to see your evidence of this. If you don’t have this then you can undertake RICTAT’s access course in Anatomy and Physiology which is delivered by RICTAT as a self-study online course.

Our course in Anatomy and Physiology is a self-study course consisting of 12 units. We recommend two textbooks to accompany the course which will give you a good understanding of the body systems eg. digestive, circulatory, etc. in preparation for your practical training at one of our recognized schools.

Following the successful completion of the Anatomy and Physiology module you receive some extended questions to be completed and submitted to your tutor before your practical training commences. There will also be an informal interview with your Tutor for them to introduce themselves to you and to gain a little more insight as to why you want to train as a Colon Hydrotherapist.

Your practical training will take place at one of our many Schools. There are two based in the UK, Midlands and South, one in Portugal, one in Nigeria, one in Northern Ireland, one in Southern Ireland and one in South Africa.

During your practical training you will undertake 100 hours of classroom tutoring some of which is virtual, this will include:

There will be a final exam lasting approximately 2 hours for students to demonstrate their knowledge of the Anatomy and Physiology of the digestive structures and theory, about the practical aspects of Colon Hydrotherapy. On completion of this module, students will then present to their tutor 15 case studies on treatments that they have undertaken (some of these will be undertaken during your practical training).

Why choose RICTAT to train?

  • Our course is open to everyone and anyone who wants to train and meets the prerequisites
  • Our course is backed by National Occupational Standards and Skills for Health
  • All our lectures have an educational background/qualification
  • Learning is flexible to meet students’ needs
  • All students will be assigned a mentor
  • Students will receive business advice about setting up a clinic
  • Student Membership of RICTAT


If Anatomy and Physiology is required then this is a self-study course the cost of which is £500

Once you have decided which school you wish to attend both the Anatomy and Physiology module and the Colon Hydrotherapy course will be marked and assessed by the same tutor.

The cost of the course once the Anatomy and Physiology module is completed is £1908  (this includes student registration with RICTAT for a year)

For further details and to register as a trainee please contact RICTAT at 07974 692504 or email