I have dealt with personal health issues like IBS which lead me to my initial interest in colon hydrotherapy.

When dealing or working with health issues, it is essential to concern oneself with the patient as a whole. That is to regard their stress levels, nutrition, and mental health, exercise and so forth.

Colon hydrotherapy works in conjunction with other forms of treatment to ensure an optimal result. By learning to deal with my own health and colon challenges, I have become passionate and driven to work with people, and to help them with their own health by giving them the treatment they need in order to change their life.
Nutrition, exercise and our stressful lifestyles affect the colon and our health, so it is crucial to acknowledge that the client/patient and colon therapist will need to be understanding, patient and tolerant in order to see improvement.

I believe it is a long journey and colon hydrotherapy in conjunction with teaching the client how the body is affected by nutrition, stress and exercise, will provide outstanding results.