Colon hydrotherapy is mistakenly known as just one of variational names for colon cleansing, while it is a treatment which implies a number of holistic techniques. First of all it is necessary to say that colon hydrotherapy is a preventative measure, which helps to prevent development of several chronic health conditions. Secondly, thousands of patients who have received the above-mentioned treatment admitted significant improvements in their overall health status and getting rid of serious chronic problems completely.

It’s important to produce a list of techniques which form professional approach of practitioners in providing patients with proper colon hydrotherapy. The most important of all these is the exercise of colon muscles, because the majority of clients of colonic places suffer from constipation and many other accompanying unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, lethargy, irritable bowel syndrome, parasitic infections and many others.

Colon hydrotherapy should also include abdominal reflexology massage based on visceral technique. The purpose of the massage is to increase movement of the colon during the session in activating reflex points. This usually helps to empty the large intestine much quicker and with less discomfort. Of course, colon cleansing is usually (taking) place during colon hydrotherapy, but the overall effect on functionality of the large intestine is much greater than minor side effects such as tiredness, dizziness and residual cramping immediately after the treatment.