From a young age my health issues were gut related. Doctors would help temporarily to relieve me of the discomfort. Until I came across colon hydrotherapy as I started looking for alternative treatments. I read more about it, then did the treatment. For the first time ever I felt relieved and felt that my ailments have subsided. That sparked
an interest in me to further research about the profession and study it further.

I have a passion in healing people and giving them hope in situations of health concerns that seem hopeless, like I almost lost hope that I would alleviate my body of the ailments I suffered from. The population, mostly women suffer from gut related issues and colon hydrotherapy as a treatment option does help with those issues.

The feedback I receive from clients after the treatment is what makes me want to further study and equip myself with knowledge as well as be affiliated with professional institutions, because this field is broad.

Everyone benefits from colon hydrotherapy treatment, and it has proved to further improve people’s health in a positive way. It makes me happier to receive feedback from clients who this treatment has improved their health in some way.

Colon hydrotherapy treatments should be incorporated in a personal lifestyle, because healing starts from the inside.