Hello my name is Elaine Stephenson and I have practised Colon Hydrotherapy at Whitelands Clinic since 2007.

I started general nursing in 1984 and have spent all my career in acute areas. Attaining the position of Clinical Leader in acute surgery opened my eyes to the poor state of the nations colons!! Already interested and practising complimentary medicines I was recommended colonics by my yoga teacher and have never looked back! Gone was my chronic ‘bad-back’ and my husbands migraines just disappeared! I was so impressed at our results I decided I needed to train as a therapist. The effectiveness of this treatment still astounds me constantly even after all these years but I still nurse intermittently to keep me on my toes and see all sides of health.

In 1999 I became a Reiki Practitioner and later trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2008……. a practice for life!! Within this was an introduction to Ayurvedic Nutrition, it fascinated me and reassured my thoughts that ‘one-size’ doesn’t fit all and went on to study further.

Being able to treat people ‘wholeistically’ and enabling them to live a healthier, happier life drives my enthusiasm for my work.