As well as being a Colonic Hydrotherapist, Liz has established herself as a well respected, enthusiastic and caring Internationally certified Yoga & Pilates Teacher and Health & Wellness coach. She provides a 360° approach to health and well being, advocating the importance of looking after mental, emotional and physical health!

Liz is always inspired to develop her understanding and further expand her knowledge in the ever changing world of health and wellness. She truly believes that we can turn the tide of chronic illness in the Western world by empowering people to embrace the power of changed habits. Her mission is to give people the pathway to achieve their physical and mental potential to reach a healthy and happy sustainable life.

Liz is passionate about Colon Hydrotherapy and the positive effects it has on people’s lives, whether they’re suffering with digestive problems or simply looking for a natural boost to their health and wellbeing. From a consultation to treatment and aftercare she will be there to support and educate you on your detoxing journey and help you transform your health.