I am extremely passionate about my work as a colon hydrotherapist after suffering myself for years with various digestive complaints and other symptoms which I now know to be related to diet and lifestyle choices. I continued for years to search for the answers to my problems that my doctor was unable to help me with, and finally came accross a nutritional coach who changed my diet and I started having colonics. I was amazed at the improvement in my health and after changing my own life, I was then compelled to help others do the same.

I originally completed a degree in biology so understand the basics of how the body works and the complexities involved. I trained as a colon hydrotherapist at the Taymount Clinic for digestive health in Hitchin. I also trained as a CHEK holistic lifestyle coach in 2010 so I am able to give nutritional and lifestyle advice to clients in order to optimise the benefits of their treatments. Part of this involves dietary advice based on metabolic type. A metabolic type is something we all have and is based on our ancestry. Once known, the diet can be tailored around your metabolic type, optimising your energy and wellbeing and stabilising your weight. It works well in conjunction with colonics and gentle exercise to detoxify and rejuvenate the body from the inside and allow the body to return to its natural balance.

I believe in treating a person as a whole being and feel it is important to educate clients on their diet and lifestyle choices in order to improve their health now and in the future. Each client I see inspires me to continue the work I am doing and continue to train whenever possible.