For 28 years I have been a successful practitioner of massage, manipulation, mobilization and electrotherapy, I was trained as an Osteopath and qualified 1992 with The Northern Counties School of Osteopathy. However in 2000 The General Osteopathic Council was formed and there was a lot of changes, therefore I joined The Association of Osteomyology, and became a fully qualified Osteomyologist and still am to date.

In the beginning of 2014 my wife was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was then I discovered how Colonic Hydrotherapy could help my wife and how nutrition as well as continued Colonics would holt her condition. My wife still has and will always have the condition but not the symptoms and she is no longer on any medication in just a short period of time. So by combining all my skills I should be able guide and help other people to manage their conditions.