Al Ruwais

Within my 2 years of being a colonic nurse in our wellness resort as well as exploring online training, benefits and research as well on what is Colon hydrotherapy I’ve found out there are so many factors that would be helpful through our body that can be done.

I’m talking about improving our lifestyle and of course our health not to mention that it can removes any bad bacteria inside our guts the knowledge is endless and that made me a believer especially I have experienced how it is to have a colonic and how it will be good for everyone if they have done this treatment.

For me experiencing first hand what colonics can do to our body can help explain and understand any individual that whose willing to undergo treatment can well be defined as a new way in improving one’s lifestyle. It could as well be one of the best way to cleanse your gut and just like a computer your gut needs to restart/reboot in order to restore the gut flora that produce good bacteria with proper diet and cleansing will surely improve your digestion.