On this page you can keep your premises inspection details up to date and apply to renew your RICTAT Membership

Please note the following important points:

  1. You MUST be logged in to this website using your membership login information before completing the form. To log in, hover over “Members” in the top menu, and select Log In. If you do not see log in (and only see log out) it means you are already logged in. Once logged in, return to this page.

2. At the bottom of this page, there is a “Submit” button and a “Save Draft” option:

If you want to leave and come back to the form before submitting it, remember to click “Save Draft”, so that your changes are not lost.

Only click “Submit” when you have completed all of the details and you are ready to confirm your renewal.

3. The first time you use this form, you will need to complete all fields. Your details will then be stored so that the next time you come to renew you will only have to check the existing details and change them.

4. There are two parts to the renewal form on this page: a Premises Self-inspection section and a Renewal Declaration. Please complete both parts before submitting the form.

Member Renewal Form

Personal Details

Have all your documents ready to upload, insurance certificate, first aid certificate, DBS and CPD log.