I am a firm believer in natural health and allowing the body to heal itself by giving it enough nutrients. Not only giving nutrients but cleansing for the absorption to take effect. I work with different modalities to align life force and keep body and spirit in balance.

I utilize an integrative and holistic approach to Hydrotherapy with an emphasis on identifying and addressing current stressors, exploring past experiences and family dynamics, and developing positive life patterns that support overall health.

There are many practitioners that recommend health regimens that involve the detoxification of the liver, kidneys, bloodstream and the lymphatic system. However, I know and believe that if the colon is clogged up with mucous and impacted material, these procedures can be hindered and will be less effective and may leave us feeling lousy. Having a colonic hydrotherapy will deal with the area where the food gets absorbed first, where nutrients are coming from.

Colonic hydrotherapy can enable and kickstart the body’s own detoxification regime. Absorption of food and any other health supplements will be enabled and increased. I understand that the brain gut connection is important to understand, and I believe that what we put inside us affects how we think and interact with day to day life.

I remind my clients that it takes time for the body to respond and for us to really feel the difference in general health, therefore we need to remember the length of time it took for the body to get into poor condition and the fact that we are not treating symptoms, but the whole body. Restoration will take time.

This practice has changed my life and I am always looking forward to carrying out procedures. My experiences have led me to look at holistic healing in a big way. I live a very active life and incorporate healthy eating, exercise, hot yoga and a meditation practice to balance my busy day to day life. This I pass on to my clients and suggest they also take on an active lifestyle.