Colonic Hydrotherapist

How I become a colonic hydrotherapist …..Ive spent 30+ years in beauty aesthetics industry and then I hit menopause whereby I spent 5 yrs trialing HRT to find one to suit me, however with all of them i experienced all the side effects, I was left with no one to turn to if you can’t take HRT. I was forced to start my own journey to heal my self. With the sudden drop in hormones coming off the HRT , this caused me to suffer severe toxic shock, which made me hyper-sensitive to some foodstuffs, cosmetics and the toxins in my system. For example, although I had been using Botox for 20 years with no ill-effects, suddenly the toxin didn’t agree with me, nor did any aesthetic procedures I’d had, this made me have hair loss, balloon and develop skin conditions.

My journey started formulated my own CBD oil & skincare brand, and learning the importance of GUT health…. I had to clean up my gut in order for everything else to work properly…ridding of food intolerances, colonic hydrotheraly and gut health to detox , alongside auto immune &
anti inflammatory diets, natural supplements

My journey is still ongoing , and I realise that your body can really heal itself if we discard all toxins from our food, which is very difficult in a processed society, but your gut health is everything ….i trained with Rictat and received the best training and in going support…I’m here to pass on my knowledge.