My vision is to remove the stigma around our bowels, our guts and our stools. It something that happens to everyone and so many people have issues, yet people do not feel comfortable talking about it.

After experiencing personal issues with my gut and spending many years researching gut health and having lots of different treatments. I feel like I am ready to start learning more and gain qualifications within this area and turn my experience and hobby into a career. My aim is to become a qualified colonic Hydrotherapist and run my own clinic

I would like to open a clinic for treatments and over all gut health.

My professional background is running Health clubs and working within the hospitality sector. Due to always having a people-facing job I am extremely approachable and make people feel calm and at ease.

Last year I decided to make a change in my career due to my personal experiences with gut health.  I’ve always suffered from IBS but after a series of events whilst traveling including stress, bad lifestyle choices and a stint of three weeks without going for a number 2 I developed a condition called SIBO (Small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) After 3 rounds of medication the symptoms started to get better however my bowels were a total mess.  I had colonics weekly to relieve my chronic constipation and was bloated within the first 5 minutes of waking up most days. At the time I truly believed this was down to what I was eating but no matter how many different diets or gut healing protocols I followed I still suffered. When lockdown happened my lifestyle totally slowed down giving me the opportunity to really focus on my health. I started researching all about the gut-brain connection and how influenced our guts are by our busy lives and stress factors. When I slowed down and implemented some positive changes My gut health improved, and symptoms were pretty much all gone. This made me even more interested in gut health so I decided to turn my passion into a career, and I trained as a colonic hydrotherapist so I could help other people improve their gut health and start their journey to live a healthier happier life.