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Colon Care is part of the Watercrest Wellness Centre, an integrative medical practice. Our GP and Medical Homeopath who is all so a Quantum Xeroid Scenar Practitioner refers clients on to me for colonics and onto our kinesiologist and our massage therapist.

As a colon therapist, I look at a person as a whole to assist them with their digestive and colon problems, with common sense advice regarding lifestyle, diet and stress management.
Colon Care has an effective detox program that has been worked out with input from Dr Kazalette Kiepel to effectively clean the colon of waste through a program of colonics together with a specifically restricted diet and juices for a short period of time for very effective and thorough colon cleansing, this is individualised according to the clients needs and expectations.

As a colon therapist I believe that people need to be treated as individuals and not a one size fits all approach. All clients can be helped with colonics according to where they are personally at in their journey for health, for some it may mean very small changes at a time, others may embrace the idea of a detox program.

When our clients are doing other cleanses such as liver detox I am here to support them with colonics and guide them through the process.

I refer my clients onto Dr Kaz or our other therapists as appropriate.

We care for our clients together as a team each bringing our own set of skills to assist our clients in their quest for ultimate health. We all share a strong belief in the benefits of colonics for our clients, Dr Kaz refers people particularly with low energy and chronic fatigue syndrome as well as those with digestive problems such as IBS and constipation etc. A client does not have to be referred by an MD and may make an appointment for colonics independently with Colon Care.

Colon Care South Africa operates a RICTAT approved Colon Hydrotherapy Training College.