Thornton Heath

My first experience of alternative medicine was as an osteopath’s reluctant dummy some twenty five years ago, when my wife Maria was studying osteopathy and naturopathy. I must say that even in the hands of a natural health student, my nagging ulcer and bad back soon became things of the past. So grew my faith and interest in natural health.

Five years ago, I took up the running and administration of Natural Solutions Practice. So, I often listened to peoples’ problems. Many feel good just by having someone to talk to freely, either in person or over the phone. The next step was to train in hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming.

As a next step, I trained as a colon hydrotherapist. During the colon hydrotherapy session, I often make the client aware of the body- mind connection. For example, IBS could be linked to stress. I pay due attention to such as how much control the person has over his/her life, including spare time, how he/she views the future, support from friends and family, stress levels.
Based on these, the client’s health, nutritional status, lifestyle, unspoken communication, I encourage a free exchange of thoughts.

Very often, even a minor change in diet, outlook or environmental factors can appreciably improve the client’s digestive functions and overall well being. If I am unable to help, I would refer to other professionals.