Xindian District, New Taipei City

Name: Liz Coetzee
Company Name: Rangoli Health
Address: 4th Floor, Song Lin Road 48, Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Mobile: +886 (0)983 63 7771

I a South African who have been living in Taiwan since 1994. Since the earliest years of my time in Asia, I’ve been fascinated in Eastern healing practices. I took me on a path of discovering Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thai Massage, and Ayurveda. In 2002 my mother was unexpectedly diagnosed with colorectal cancer and this planted the seed for my career in colon hydrotherapy. In 2012 I was trained by my mentor, Jane Boyle, whom I have the highest respect for. In 2016 I started facilitating three-day fasting and wellness retreats where the focus is on gut health and giving the body a time to relax and restore. The same year I opened my colon hydrotherapy studio, called Rangoli Health.
The concept of RANGOLI HEALTH comes from India. Colorful rangoli patterns are drawn in front of homes by women and children during Devali or The Festival of Lights. The design represents an eternal knot. The purpose of a rangoli is to welcome a sense of wellness and godliness into the homes. My philosophy involves the interconnectedness between body (cleanse and nourish), mind (quiet and focus) and spirit (renew and awaken), just like an eternal knot.
I feel passionate about educating my clients and believe in “educating instead of medicating”.