AquaTox Hertfordshire

Aqua-Tox opened the doors to its first clients in late spring 2016 in a single-room clinic at the end of Natalie’s back garden. The clinic was built and designed with the sole purpose of providing a comfortable and private space to perform colon hydrotherapy to the people of Hertfordshire. At this time there weren’t many colon hydrotherapists in the local area so it was a relatively niche offering.

Aqua-Tox in 2023

In February 2023 Natalie and Natasha launched the next generation of Aqua-Tox, a 10-treatment-room wellness clinic, which they designed and built from scratch inside an unused cow shed on a local farm. It was a whole team effort to keep the original clinic running whilst the new clinic was built and prepared for clients. Everyone worked around the clock to keep the business running during the day and get the new clinic ready in the evenings and weekends. Mums. Dads, Nans, friends and kids were brought in to help prepare, clean and paint with Natalie’s Nan even getting involved to paint lengths of skirting boards. It was a real family affair to make the new clinic a reality and get the doors open to clients as soon as possible. We look forwards to welcoming you.